Covid-19 St. Barth Entry Protocols

Last updated 10-25-22

Due to overwhelming call volume, we kindly ask that only currently confirmed guests of St. Barth Properties as well as those seeking a new reservation call or email at this time.  If you have confirmed a stay directly with a hotel or elsewhere, please contact the source of your reservation directly. We thank you for your understanding.

If you are seeking a new reservation please  Submit your inquiry here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Entering St. Barth

All Covid-19 entry protocols for St. Barth have been lifted at this time. It is the individual traveler's responsibility to check the requirements of any airport they may pass through when connecting to St. Barth.

If you are connecting via St. Martin their individual testing requirements which may be reviewed here

If you are connecting via San Juan their individual vaccination or testing requirements which may be reviewed here.
St. Barth Properties looks forward to welcoming you back for your Dream Vacation. See you soon.

"Savaku" stands strong in St. Barth. Who is Savaku? A freelance graphic designer in Paris, 27 year-old Guillaume Blanchard is the creator of “Savaku” the Arawak spirit representing the forces of nature. Savaku evokes the soul of St Barth, a metaphor for the island as envisioned by the artist. An Arawak Indian is standing on a rock, which seen from above is in the shape of the island. In his right hand he has a spear to defend his land, and he is blowing in a conch shell, which represents the cry of nature, a nature perhaps too often abused. He is accompanied by an iguana, which evokes the earth, wisdom, and patience. A pelican represents the official symbol of the island as well as air and the sea, which provides sustenance, as the people of St Barth have been fishermen since the earliest days of the island. For Guillaume, “the stance of this simply dressed warrior shows that he is proud of his island, as meager and difficult as it was then."