Early-risers, this collection is for you. Behold the start of another day in paradise.



Dreaming About: A dreamy rendezvous, St. Barth style.
LocationMont Jean Value Season $3,500 - $3,570
Bedrooms1 High Season$4,500

La Magnifique

Dreaming About: A St. Barth villa vacation with lots of privacy and a magnificent view of the sea.
LocationVitet Value Season $4,010 - $5,710
Bedrooms2 High Season$6,170 - $7,390


Dreaming About: A villa in a gated community offering privacy and beautiful views. 
LocationMont Jean Value Season $4,450 - $5,450
Bedrooms2 High Season$7,950 - $8,950


Dreaming About: Chilling out in a serene St. Barth villa.
LocationDevé Value Season $4,400 - $5,130
Bedrooms2 High Season$7,810 - $8,660


Dreaming About: Being serenely situated on the hillside and gazing at the panoramic view of the sea.
LocationDevé Value Season $4,000 - $5,670
Bedrooms3 High Season$5,670 - $7,200

Wide View

Dreaming About: Enjoying a brilliant sunrise orchestrated by the sound of the surf – from your terrace.
LocationToiny Value Season $4,900 - $7,440
Bedrooms3 High Season$9,100 - $11,200

La Clé des Vents

Dreaming About: A post-beach lunch on your terrace looking out to a stunning view of Marigot Bay.
LocationMont Jean Value Season $10,000 - $16,070
Bedrooms3 High Season$28,000 - $30,000

Naturelle 3

Dreaming About: Sipping coffee on your terrace while witnessing a glorious sunrise.
LocationGouverneur Value Season $14,000 - $19,070
Bedrooms4 High Season$26,000 - $30,000


Dreaming About: Taking the St. Barth villa lifestyle over-the-top in a grande maison!
LocationPetit Cul de Sac Value Season $19,070 - $29,000
Bedrooms4 High Season$39,000


Dreaming About: Watching the sun rise over the sea from your poolside portico, coffee in hand.
LocationToiny Value Season $6,070 - $7,500
Bedrooms4 High Season$8,500 - $9,500


Dreaming About: Enjoying espresso in your Zen-like garden and savoring evening cocktails with a choice of views.
LocationLurin Value Season $6,670 - $9,400
Bedrooms4 High Season$11,200 - $14,400


Dreaming About: Vacationing in tropical luxury with a heated infinity pool and expansive views.
LocationDevé Value Season $13,340 - $20,070
Bedrooms4 High Season$21,250 - $27,500

Arrow Marine

Dreaming About: Vacationing in a stunning seaside villa and making memories with family and friends.
LocationMont Jean Value Season $10,000 - $12,070
Bedrooms4 High Season$20,000

Le Chien Rose

Dreaming About: Lounging poolside by one of the island’s longest pools and gazing out to a view of the sea. Mesmerizing.
LocationVitet Value Season $6,680 - $11,580
Bedrooms4 High Season$11,580 - $16,210

O My

Dreaming About: A dream family vacation in a private gated community with stunning views.
LocationMont Jean Value Season $12,000 - $17,070
Bedrooms5 High Season$18,000 - $24,000


Dreaming About: A hillside retreat with a sea view and a heated swimming pool – and sharing it with your best friends.
LocationVitet Value Season $7,920 - $11,500
Bedrooms5 High Season$13,500 - $19,500

Danse du Soleil

Dreaming About: Vacationing with good friends in a magazine-worthy villa with a stunning view.
LocationDevé Value Season $11,500 - $17,500
Bedrooms5 High Season$15,500 - $25,500

Casa del Mar

Dreaming About: A tropical getaway with family and friends in a knockout villa.
LocationPetit Cul de Sac Value Season $45,000 - $47,070
Bedrooms6 High Season$55,000


Dreaming About: A 6 bedroom villa as gorgeous as its view of Gouverneur and the sea beyond.
LocationGouverneur Value Season $70,000
Bedrooms6 High Season$100,000


Dreaming About: Vacationing in a "life-styles-of the-rich-and-famous" villa in one of St. Barth's most prestigious areas.
LocationPt Milou Value Season $14,000 - $22,000
Bedrooms6 High Season$23,000 - $40,000